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<p> UNIX was the first commercial operating system success, and, as such, was the basis for most of the operating systems created in its wake, including DOS, Windows and Linux. Now UNIX is enjoying a revival in its Solaris form, based primarily on the strength of the open-source boom. This revival means new demand for programmers and administrators who work in the UNIX environment. can help you take advantage of this new boom by providing the latest and hottest job openings in the UNIX field. Our philosophy at is to focus on obtaining the best resources for finding jobs for UNIX workers—instead of making you sift through irrelevant job postings. </p> <p> While many computer job openings in the U.S. are declining, the opposite is true for Linux jobs. The open source craze is fueling new UNIX jobs, so now might be the best time to take another look. Start with <a href="" class="accent-link">our updated listings of new UNIX positions</a> or <a href="" class="accent-link">sign up for our free email of new UNIX job listings</a>. </p>